5 x 50 pack 

We’ve all been hearing “wash your hands” as the singular best way to stay healthy during these dark days of Covid-19.

The Scientific Community, Medical Professionals, WHO, and Government tell us Soap & Water is the best,  even better than portable hand sanitiser.

So we all agree Soap and Water is the best to use, which is easy enough when you are at home.

But what about when you are not at home and you don’t have access to soap and water

What about when you are at the mall, at the supermarket or petrol station which is when you actually need it the most.


Problem Solved

MediPac has formulated a Wet & Dry pack of “Soapy” wipes and drying towels.

The perfect solution for sanitising on the go.

Suitable for

  • Commercial Applications

  • Hospitals 

  • The whole family including kids.

MediSoap "Soapy Anti virus hand wipe" 5 x 50 pack